Memorial Inscriptions

If there is already a memorial in place and you wish to have another name added to the stone, we can carry out an additional inscription.

We always visit the memorial in the cemetery to assess the requirements which will allow us to provide you with an accurate quote. We take rubbings of the existing lettering to ensure that we match the new lettering as accurately as possible. As with our new memorials, we offer a computer printout service to allow you to preview the new lettering on the memorial. We will also take care of all necessary council paperwork required.

Memorial Renovations

All natural materials, including granite, are susceptible to the weather conditions, which is why we also offer a full memorial renovation service. We can clean the memorial, and if necessary repaint or regild the letters. You’d be amazed how beautiful some existing stones are once carefully cleaned and restored.

The recent implementation of new guidelines means that some existing gravestones are no longer installed to the required standards. If you have been contacted about this, we can help by re-erecting the stone in question to meet the latest industry standards.